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I HATE people that are so judgemental and accuse me of stuff, without even stopping to think about what they are saying. I am older than you. I have been in the world longer than you. Get a life and GET OUT OF MINES. I don’t need to explain myself to you or anyone for that matter. When you’re older and going through this stage of life you might understand where I’m coming from…. oh wait maybe not, because you’re a self obsessed, judgemental, untrustworthy, rat that wants to suck up to everyone and hates on people that aren’t perfect. Well I’m sorry I’m not who you want me to be. I’m not sorry that I’m not perfect though. I am who I am and everyone has flaws, even if you think you have none. LEAVE ME ALONE. You don’t understand me and I don’t think you ever will, because you’re brainwashed and you don’t have the courage to go out into the world and experience things or learn about other ways for yourself. Well I think everyone should experience and look at all opportunities before sticking to one view, thinking only you’re right and judging everyone. I hope you learn someday. >:( 

Spoilt Fat Brat

Is that what you think of me? Is that what you define me as? Don’t you remember all those years of suppression and what you put me through? Maybe you should look at yourself first. I’m just starting to break free and get away from all of it. Those years are behind me, yet you keep dragging me back step by step. You want me to be happy and free? Cut the rope and stop bringing up the past again and again. You know how much I was suffering, you know how much you’ve suffered in the past, why would you put me through the same thing? I forgive you over and over again and you bring it up over and over again and I can’t forget the amount of pain and heartbreak you’ve put me through. I hope I can completely forgive you some day, I honestly do, but you’re making it harder to do day by day. I hope you can open up your mind and learn to see the world from a different prospective like I have. I’ve realised that there’s more to every story, people aren’t just like that and we can’t judge them in an instant. Everyone has a past, we do too. You think you know me inside out but you have no idea. You’ve seen a part of what I really am and you can’t accept me for who I am. It hurts….a lot. I wish you could understand me but you never will if you carry on being so narrow minded. I want to be happy and at peace with you, but how can I if I can’t be myself around you? If I have to put on an act every day? This isn’t who I am. There’s nothing wrong with being yourself. I don’t understand how you can’t see that. You judge others all the time and you say you’re not proud but we should really look at ourselves first. You’ve learnt to cover up your past well, I don’t want to because it makes me who I am and I know the past is the past and I’m not going back there ever. I hope you can also forgive me someday, I don’t mean to upset you, it hurts me when I hurt you. You are my everything and sometimes I get scared about what I would do if you weren’t in my life. I wouldn’t be who I am without you. I really hope you can set me free and let me be happy someday. I hope you can see the truth behind the matter and accept me for who I am. It still hurts me that you can’t accept me. I will always support you no matter what, but I won’t give up trying to make you understand. 


This is for all those heartbroken or lonely people put there, crying into your pillow at night and not knowing what to do or where to go. It gets better, it may seem like the world is a horrible place, no one understands and you want to end it right here right now. Have faith, wipe the tears away and be strong, make a change, because it WILL get better. You’re not the only one crying, you’re not the only one with your heart breaking and shattering into a million pieces. Whether it’s the people you love the most that have hurt you or someone that just loves to see you being tortured. I know you try to be a good person and do everything the right way, but it all just gets thrown back in your face. Someday someone will realise how amazing you are and love you for who you are and when you find that person promise me one thing. NEVER let them go, they will be the person that changes your life forever. No one will understand the pain or suffering you’re enduring right now, and no one would ever want to see you in that state if they knew how you really felt. Try to make a change, no one will do it for you and you’re the one that has to stand up for yourself. Do what’s best for you, don’t let others control your life and your happiness. Make yourself a better person and always have hope, even if it feels like there’s none left in the world.


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